There is something special about black diamonds that makes them so uniquely beautiful. The attraction of this diamond lies in its mysterious color. It has a contrasting effect compared to the colorless diamonds and stands out from the crowd. Whether it is used in a diamond ring or any other piece of jewelry, black diamond has an enigmatic and elegant appearance.

What are the benefits of choosing raw black diamond? What makes these diamonds special? This guide sheds light on this unique gemstone.

About Black Diamonds

Interestingly, black diamonds are not actually black in color, but a deep grey. This fact makes them even more special and often intriguing. When a traditional white diamond is compared to it in the same size and clarity, the latter can have up to 20% more carbon content. This results in creating a deeper hue, even when you choose an affordable stone.

Besides, black diamonds are rarer than their white counterparts. This is because they are sourced mostly from a specific part of the world.

Benefits of Choosing Black Diamonds

So, what are the key benefits of choosing black diamonds?

Less Cleaning

Black diamonds don’t require the cleaning that other traditional colors require. They are naturally harder and don’t need much in terms of protection from everyday wear. Relevant benefits include:

  • Greater resistance to chipping and scratches
  • Retaining their beauty in extreme temperatures. Wear them on the hottest days of the season without worrying about losing their appearance
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals. If they drop in coffee, tea, or wine, you will not have to worry about the diamond getting stained.

Aesthetic Versatility

Another advantage of choosing black diamonds is that they look beautiful when worn with yellow or white gold. People can choose them for their wedding rings or other jewelry pieces meant to be worn outdoors.

  • High hardness rating of 8 makes them durable to withstand daily wear
  • High optical reflectivity means the stone will sparkle exceptionally when placed next to a metal or another stone


If you want to wear a diamond that stands apart from the traditional diamonds, you cannot fail with black diamonds. They are rare, which further makes them more special. Most of the diamonds people wear are colorless or white. Since black diamonds are not common, they are cherished by jewelry collectors and designers.

Exceptionally Durable

While the point about the durability of black diamonds has been mentioned above, it needs special mention as well. You should know that black diamonds are simply the strongest substance on earth. This is why they are used not just in jewelry pieces but also in making industrial cutting tools. If you are seeking to invest in a piece of jewelry that can last forever, nothing else beats black diamond as your choice.

Chemicals such as acids and boiling water have no effect on black diamonds. Traditional diamonds are easier to chip and get scratched. Black diamonds retain their patterned structure and rich color no matter how they are treated. Thus, there are more than enough reasons to consider these diamonds for your jewelry pieces or other applications indicated above.

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